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Visual Studio Shotcuts - Visual Studio 2008

Use these shortcuts to improve your speed when developing in Visual Studio. Most of these are shortcuts are set up by default, but there are also some custom shortcuts I use all the time. All custom shortcuts are marked with (custom) in the description text.

ALT + F9 + DDelete breakpoint.
CTRL + ALT + BDisplays the breakpoints window.
CTRL + ALT + F6Close all windows but this (custom).
CTRL + ALT + F7Collapse all projects in solution explorer (custom).
CTRL + ALT + F9Delete all breakpoints.
CTRL + ALT + BShow breakpoints window.
CTRL + '.'Add reference to object.
CTRL + E, DAuto format code in current window.
CTRL + F9Enable / disable breakpoint on current line.
CTRL + M, CTRL + LCollapse / open all regions recursively.
CTRL + M, CTRL + MOpen / close parent region.
CTRL + M, CTRL + OCollapse / open all regions not recursively.
CTRL + SHIFT + FFind in files dialog.
CTRL + SHIFT + F9Clear all breakpoints in the solution.
CTRL + SHIFT + F12Go to next error in error list window.
CTRL + W + TGo to task list window.
F5Start debugging.
F7View code.
F9Set or remove a breakpoint at the current line.
F12Go to definition.
SHIFT + F5Stop debugging.
SHIFT + F7View designer.
SHIFT + F12Find all references.