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LINQ Group By Example - Group By Query Expression and Lambda Expression in C#

To me the LINQ group by syntax is a little counter intuitive. At least I never seem to be able to write a group by expression off the top of my head. Here is a very simple example of a group by statement using both query expressions and lambda expressions.

Query Expression:

var queryBreedsCount = (from x in dogs
                        group x by x.Breed into grp
                        select new {
                            Breed = grp.Key,
                            Count = grp.Count()

Lambda Expression:

var lambdaBreedsCount = dogs.GroupBy(x=>x.Breed).Select(grp => 
                        new {
                            Breed = grp.Key, 
                            Count = grp.Count() 

These statements do the exact same thing. In these queries I am using the Count operator but you can use the Sum operator instead or another aggregate operator of your choosing.